Treatment of


Each Aquaforte jewel has a double hallmark: the one which certifies the purity of the 925‰ silver and the 406VI mark which identifies our laboratory. Bracelets and necklaces are accompanied by the Aquaforte seal, to remind us once again of what we are most proud of: that each of our jewels is made strictly by hand in Italy.

All our jewelery is covered by a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects; To make the best use of them and keep them unchanged over time, find some advice here.


Keeping the beauty of jewelery unchanged is easy, just follow a few simple instructions and dedicate the attention reserved for precious objects.

The new alcohol-based detergents, important for protecting against viruses, are harmful to any jewel, so it is good practice to remove the precious items before washing, to prevent the aggressive agent from damaging the plating.

Other corrosive elements are hairspray, make-up and hand cream and it is therefore advisable to apply these products before wearing jewellery.

When carrying out household chores or sporting activities, it is best not to wear jewellery.