Dreams take shape in the mind little by little. For this reason we cannot tell you the exact moment in which ours was born, but we can tell you when we transformed it into reality.
It was 1967 when Al -ba and we started creating our gold chains, rigorously , always and only by hand. Our hands and those of our master craftsmen. We have worked hard and with passion, we have grown and evolved, but we have never changed the essence of our dream: creating jewels capable of combining the best of the Vicenza goldsmith tradition with the most cutting-edge techniques and research.

Who we are

In 2008 we created Aquaforte, our brand. Today we create jewelery in 925‰ silver, 23 carat yellow gold plated.
Why? Because habits change and tastes transform. We want to meet these changes with jewels that are elegant and easy to wear, but capable of resisting fashion and time.
This is why our creations interpret different styles and moods, but with a strong identity in common: that of a creation completely handmade in Italy, in Vicenza.

Furthermore, we participate in important sector fairs:

  • VICENZAORO, in January and September;
  • INHORGENTA MUNICH, in February;
  • ATHENS JEWELERY SHOW, in February;
  • OPEN by IL TARI’, in May and October.
Collana gioiello Caramelle Ovali con paste vitree nelle nuances del blu-6210


Our mission is built around women.
To women who work, who raise children, strong or romantic, single or in love, who make their way in the world, who want to be themselves every day and in every moment of the day.

We want to be at their side, to enhance their elegance, their determination, their freshness or their audacity with jewels that are attentive to fashion and design, but long-lasting. We want our creations to be chosen and worn every day without worrying: this is why we like to define our jewels as prêt-à-porter.