Our passion and the mastery of our craftsmen give life to many collections: 925 silver jewelery with 23 carat yellow gold plating. All are characterized by their own style, to move from the most discreet elegance to a more flashy charm, to dress every desire.

Precious details that match the different moods of a woman, with her commitments and her free moments. Like that, easily.

New Collection
Caramelle vintage

Vintage” elements and refined colors. The “vintage” style of the oval slab elements blends with the oval glass pastes; the brushing that enriches the 23-carat gold-plated silver elements and the bright colors of our “candies” make it a versatile and elegant line with its single-color earrings and soft multicolored necklaces and bracelets.

Artisanal workmanship

Centuries-old Italian goldsmith tradition and innovative techniques for unique and handcrafted jewels


23 carat yellow gold, the luxury par excellence

Jewelry that lasts over time

Special protection treatment for your jewels

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