Maxi collana lunga Aquacaramelle Reverse con saponette quadrate, paste Vitre Petrolio, Petrolio Chiaro, Acquamarina e Acquamarina Milky taglio antico e due reverse pavè-0

Aquacaramelle Reverse neckl. with petroleum & aquamarine glass pastes


Maxi necklace in 23 kt.yellow gold-plated AG 925‰ with two reverse pavés of embedded white cubic zirconia, paired square soap stones and antique cut glass paste Petrolio, Petrolio Chiaro, Aquamarina, Aquamarina milky

  • 925/000 sterling silver
  • 23 carat yellow gold plating
  • specially treated coating that protects against natural oxidation of the metal
  • proudly handmade in Italy
  • plating strictly without nickel and cadmium release
  • comfort fit


Each jewel is accompanied by a gift box and Aquaforte shopping bag.
Entirely handmade, this Aquaforte creation is the result of the passion and experience of master goldsmiths. In every detail of this 925/000 silver jewel, the Italian origin and international style can be recognised. The 23 carat yellow gold plating, covered by a special treatment, is rigorously executed without any release of nickel and cadmium.